My Motivation Is A Little Bit Different. Let’s Find Yours.

Published by Matt Mason,

My Motivation Is A Little Bit Different.  Let’s Find Yours.

Lara Doherty, one of the excellent coaches on the AoM Coaching Directory, shares a penny-drop moment about focus and motivation.   And how that moment has made sense of her life of learning, her career, and her motivation to help others.

It all started with a TEDx

I watched this TEDx talk last week.  And it changed my world. 

Those 16 minutes of Martha Barnard-Rae made sense of my 52 years of feeling something was “off”.  

And, oh, the irony of placing little attention on how different I have felt for years.  But this was exciting.  Others out there are different too, me different, including Martha.

Want to know what some of the ‘me different’ things are?

  • Getting overwhelmed and with it stuck, paralysis and procrastination 
  • Difficulty focusing and staying motivated
  • I struggle to maintain tidiness
  • Difficulty with maths at school
  • Difficulty memorising information for exams and tests
  • Having to use a timer, focus music, productivity tools to work and with it accountability, coaches and mentors
  • Periods of intense mental “hyper” focus and motivation

And do you know what’s funny?!  

Everything now makes sense.  The penny has just dropped!

It’s everything I talk about on most of my social media.  And it frames my motivation to help others.

It explains why:

  • I have been obsessing for the last few years about learning all there is to know about productivity, focus and motivation and helping others.
  • I wrote my book on how to get unstuck and motivated!
  • And I probably have a moderate form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

Can you relate?

Finding your motivation

This brings me to the powerful method I have developed over the last five years to get laser focused and productive, unstuck and motivated, a veritable trickster for ADHD.

1.  Positive Daily Habits

Firstly, small positive changes to manage our morning, day and week, little dopamine hits can radically improve our lives.  And make for a super productive and enjoyable week.

2.  Create A Future Vision

Another key point is getting clear on what we want and having a visual image and physical tool that helps us focus daily and achieve what we want, giving meaning, purpose and excitement to our lives.

3.  Review Your Environment

Whether it’s decluttering the space where you work, home or office, it’s important to have mental space to benefit any lower levels of executive function or dopamine.

4.  Invite positivity into your world

Additionally, filling your environment with positive, inspirational people and individuals who can help you achieve your goals with accountability will improve your overall well-being.

The Motivation Clinic Landscape Logo

Furthermore, this is the exact method I use to create a life full of purpose, happiness and fulfilment.

Me and The Mighty Book Of Motivation Magic

My greatest wish in life is to share the tools, methods and strategies with as many individuals as possible so they can fulfil their incredible and unique potential too. So, I decided to write a book!

The Might Book of Motivation Magic Cover

Lara Doherty, author of her debut book “The Mighty Book Of Motivation Magic”, is an accomplished Vision Board Expert and Vision and Motivational Coach. 

Lara is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Coach and has a certificate in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health.

Furthermore, she comes from a varied corporate career spanning 25-plus years of leading teams and building relationships.

The Might Book Of Motivation Magic is available here

My mission is to help women get unstuck, motivated, energised, laser-focused, and excited to get out of bed in the morning.  And then, we move forward confidently to achieve our amazing potential. 

So I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps working together.

Lara Doherty and her Coaching Directory profile

You can contact Lara directly from her listing on the AoN Coaching Directory.

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