How we help mums

We help mums balance family and career demands with flexible projects they can complete remotely.


From one-off tasks, to on going projects, complete your work flexibly and remotely at a time that suits you.


Get rewarded for your skills and keep them sharp – whether you’re on maternity leave or returning to work after a career break.


Search, apply, and get appointed to projects from an easy to use dashboard. Stay connected and manage all your deliverables in one place.


Submit your hours every two weeks, and receive regular payments for work completed. Keep track of your earnings.

What kind of projects can I do?

From proofreading to social media management, business admin to strategy development, if it can be done remotely, we can help match you to a business who needs to outsource it.

And it all starts with your profile.

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No project is too big or too small – from one-off tasks, to ongoing support – work around your life.

From payments to invoicing, your AoM dashboard helps you manage and keep track of your projects.


Create your profile, showcase your skills, and set your availability.

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Get ready for notifications of matched projects, or search for available tasks

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Make contact with the project owner to agree deliverables and terms.

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Complete the project and get paid the for a job well done!

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What does it cost and what will I earn?

Set and agree your gross hourly rate directly with the business/project owner.
NB. We don’t accept projects at under £15/hour.

We charge a 10% admin fee (+ VAT) on any project fees you earn to cover the costs of running the site, processing payments and finding you new projects.

How and when do I get paid?

For short projects (lasting less than 2 weeks) you’ll submit your final hours on completion. Once approved by the project owner, you’ll receive 50% of the original project estimate. And remainder of the project payment within 14 days. The final balancing payment you recieve depends on how many hours were actually completed and agreed.

For projects lasting longer than 2 weeks, you’ll submit your hours to the project owner for approval every 2 weeks. And once they approve your hours, you’ll receive your payment – allowing for processing which typically takes 5 working days.

To ensure you are paid for the total number of hours worked, at the end of the project, the project hours will be reconciled and outstanding hours paid after approval and processing.

Frequentky asked questions

Can anyone use Army of Mums?

We currently only allow mums to join our site if they are outside IR35 for tax and NI purposes. This usually means they are self-employed freelancers and set-up as sole traders.

We do not currently allow mums to join the site if they are paid via a PSC (Personal Services Company), a Limited Company or an Umbrella PAYE company, as this may mean they are inside IR35 for tax and NI purposes.

We also only allow mums to join if they have the right to work in the UK.

(If you have any concerns about your eligibility, find out more here (link to blog and can put links within that blog?)

What do we charge you for the service?

It’s free for mums to sign up and search for available tasks and projects. However, we do charge a £10 activation fee – payable yearly – when you’re ready to put yourself forward for projects.

We then deduct 10% of and earnings made through the site to cover our admin and project matching costs. This is deducted as you are paid for work delivered on a project.

How does the final project payment work?

Because we take an initial deposi, from the project owner, which is based on estimated hours we are able to make quick payment to you for work done.

However, it also means the amount you receive every two weeks may differ slightly to the actual hours you have worked. But, at the end of the project, the total hours will be reconciled to ensure you are paid for the total number of hours you have worked.

Are payments secure?

We use Stripe to process all payments. Stripe is one of the most trusted online payments services out there. Therefore, all of our site payments go through Stripe.

What if there’s a problem?

The first port of call is the business who appointed you to the project. If it’s a problem that can’t be resolved just notify us via email, and we’re here to help you get the project back on track.

With a little flexibility, there’s a whole host of projects and tasks businesses can get done with a mum